Objectives : 

  • Improve the risk,
  • Leverage the volume of business,
  • Increase the profitability of operations.

Banking Syndication :

  • Mutualize our risks with large international banks allowing not only an improvement of the risk and a better profitability but also a commercial policy of reciprocity,
  • Leverage the volume of business by syndicating operations,
  • Develop deposits collection linked to risk sharing.


Insurance :

  • Optimize the management of credit lines (counterparts and countries) by using insurance coverage policies written with the private or specialized insurers,
  • Leverage the volume of business by underwriting insurance policies,
  • Rebalance our limits if needed based on past experience.

Syndication and Insurance of trade finance transactions is a business line that has continued to show very satisfactory growth and whose role within the bank increased over the past years. And it has done so with one constant concern: to observe the internal and regulatory constraints of prudential risk management. Moreover, the number of counterparties involved in transactions grew to nearly 98.

Similarly, the number of Master Risk Participation Agreements – MRPAs signed to facilitate the realization of transactions rose to more than 197 at end-2019.

UBAF has thus become a recognized and frequent participant in the secondary market for trade finance transactions.