The tool for securing international trade financing


To contribute to a safer and more reliable trade finance environment, UBAF provides a new certification service: Trakk by KOMGO.


KOMGO was founded in Geneva in 2018 by the main players in international commodity trading, including Crédit Agricole, to digitize and transform this centuries-old industry.

Trakk is a KOMGO tool that increases the security of digital documents exchanged via email or other electronic means.


Do you receive PDF documents already saved on Trakk (KOMGO) which have been sent to you by third parties and wish to verify their authenticity? Drag and drop them on Trakk, which will instantly indicate if the document has been certified by KOMGO.




You may also be able to view additional events registered on this document on Trakk by other parties involved in your transaction.

TRAKK is a service provided by KOMGO. By clicking on the following link [], you will be redirected to KOMGO’s website. Any verification on TRAKK is redirected to KOMGO without intervention of UBAF. If you choose to access KOMGO's website, you agree that you do so at your own risk. UBAF makes no representations, warranties, nor has any supervision or control over the quality, content, reliability, update or security of the KOMGO’s website, nor shall UBAF be liable for its use.