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UBAF financing products

For more than 50 years, UBAF has acquired recognized expertise in the trade finance business and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which it operates.

Thanks to its multilingual business experts and sales representatives, UBAF caters to three types of clientele:

    UBAF has a worldwide network of more than 900 bank correspondents, thus ensuring the financing of commercial, foreign exchange and treasury transactions
    UBAF works with both exporters and importers operating in large geographical areas and offers suitable products and services as well as a good knowledge of local markets.
    UBAF is a recognized player in the field of international trade (agri-food products, energy and metals).

Since its inception, UBAF has developed a range of products and services dedicated to the financing of international trade. As such, it offers its clients services related to:

  • documentary credits (issue, confirmation, discount),
  • international guarantees,
  • pre and post financing of commercial operations,
  • loans and treasury borrowings,
  • currency hedge in cash,
  • opening of accounts,
  • customer debt mobilization, packaging,
  • export pre-financing, bridge financing, bilateral and trade union financing,
  • structured financing,
  • Islamic financing.

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  • Trade Finance

    The core business of UBAF is International Trade Financing, with a focus on financial and physical flows from and to the Arab world.

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  • Syndication

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  • Treasury

    UBAF offers treasury solutions adapted to local rules (Islamic banking, post-financing) and short-term loans.

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