AQR and Stress Test results of Crédit Agricole Group

As you can notice, these results confirm the Crédit Agricole Group’s financial strong position.

We remind you that 47.01% of U.B.A.F.’s capital is held by Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank , our reference shareholder and 52.99% is held by 24 prominent Arab banks and financial institutions from 19 countries of the Arab world.

AQR and Stress Test results confirm Crédit Agricole Group's financial strength
Crédit Agricole Group (Regional Banks and Crédit Agricole S.A.) took part in the Asset Quality Review (AQR) and Stress Test overseen by the European Central Bank (ECB), the results of which have been published yesterday. This exercise confirms the strength of Crédit Agricole's financial position with respect to the forthcoming implementation of the Single Supervision Mechanism (SSM) on November 4th.

The Asset Quality Review (AQR) of Crédit Agricole Group results in a 0.18% limited impact on the Crédit Agricole Group’s phased-in Common Equity Tier 1 ratio as of 31/12/2013. The stress test shows great resilience of the Group in the event of a severe economic shock, with a Common Equity Tier 1 ratio phased-in 8.8%, well above the minimum threshold of 5.5% required by the ECB, and among the top European banks and superior to its French peers (BNPP 8.1%, Société Générale 8.2% and BPCE 7.0%).


U.B.A.F. S.A. is a French registered bank established in 1970. Its shareholders originate from 19 Arab countries along with Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank. U.B.A.F. activity focuses on financing the trade between Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

With its international network in Asia, in the Arab World and in Europe, U.B.A.F. has become a key player in the area of Trade Finance with Arab countries.

U.B.A.F. is able to meet with the needs of both importers and exporters and to secure the flows of payments and goods from industrial or trade commodity companies.

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